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Grow Up

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The all-new weed growing game for Android is here! Have fun learning and caring for many unique cannabis strains, while minding your profit/loss to decide how best to expand your operation.< GROW UP > Start from scratch and work your way to the top as you take over a full featured virtual growing operation. Grow and harvest plants whose potency and cash value depend solely on your care and attention. Each strain grows differently, and by learning their traits well you'll reap far greater rewards. Upon each harvest, you'll receive random loot, sometimes including rare items not available in the grow store. Growers who care for each strain properly will progress much faster. Take care managing the hydration, nutrient and soil pH levels (the three vitals), as well as undesirables like bug infestations, nutrient burn or over-watering. Each variety of weed develops a distinct look for easy recognition. Plants grow steadily in real time! The speed they grow depends on you...
When the time comes to sell the finished product, visit your buyers to see who's looking. Gain trust with individual buyers by selling to them frequently. These reputation gains increase if you sell them a preferred variety, and each new reputation level you attain will provide more benefits; including money, equipment and unique item unlocks. In addition, your buyers will frequently give you valuable growing tips you can put to good use. As you progress, growing guides will become available in your personal library that will provide complete details for each strain. After purchase, these can be referred to at any time.
Unlock additional growing slots for each of three growth stages, providing customized progression!
PLEASE NOTE: * Displays best on 7.0" screens and smaller. Not yet optimized for 10" tablets or small screens at this time. * Recommended screen resolution for best display is 480x800 and larger * SD Card backup feature for device transfer, or as insurance against growing mistakes.... * No ads * No premium currency or further purchase necessary * No notifications